Morsi Meter!

100 days out of 100

Over all promises in progress: 24 out 64

Over all promises achieved: 10 out 64

People Satisfaction on what has been implemented so far


This is an attempt to monitor the performance of the recently elected president <b>Mohamed Morsi</b> by documenting what have been achieved as opposed to his promises.

Achieved: 1 out 17

In progress: 7 out 17

Implementing benefits, rewards and promotions tied to performance and restoring of security for the police officers
Implementing benefits, rewards and promotions tied to citizens’ satisfaction for the police officers
Providing full insurance against occupational hazards for the officers
Implementing a wide scale professional media campaign to restore confidence in the police forces
Detaining outlaws and thugs and rehabilitating them psychologically and technically to make them good and active citizens in the community
Maintaining a constant presence in the streets through stationary and mobile patrols
Cooperation between civil committees and police authorities to monitor illegal activities tied to neighbourhoods, police stations, municipalities and MPs. Their services are tied to hotlines
Starting an emergency hotline in addition to providing the name of the officer taking the call and the serial number of the complaint filed
Increasing the number of police stations according to the population of each area
Promptly installing surveillance cameras in vital areas to facilitate monitoring violations and apprehending perpetrators with the least costs
Using police helicopters to maintain order and organise traffic in highways
Developing detention rooms and facilities in stations and courts to make them more humane
Appointing a PR officer in every station to deal with citizens and direct them and make sure their problems are dealt with
Organising crash courses for law, physical education, social services and institute graduates in the police academy and police wardens academy to hire them to work in less vital police positions to facilitate the transfer of professional police officers to more vital positions in the police force
Rewarding citizens who report crimes and perpetrators, and implementing witness protection legislation and programmes
Investing in modern police vehicles with computers wired to the MOI mainframe to apprehend outlaws and facilitate justice as efficiently as possible and with minimum losses and casualties
Observance of the working hours and vacation allowances of police officers and implementing a rewarding overtime system

What do people think?

Achieved: 2 out 21

In progress: 4 out 21

Cancel the occupancy of metro stations to provide good car parkings near the stations to facilitate the use of the subway for car owners.
Allow trucks to pass in main cities streets and circular roads from 12 am to 6 am.
Allow smaller trucks to pass in the city’s streets from 9 pm to 7 am.
All sort of road maintenance (bridges, streets, etc...) will take place after midnight and ends before 7 am.
Removing all sort of road occupancies.
Identify special parking places for microbuses, and provide parking services stuff (parking chef).
flexible working hours for government and public sector employees that will not interfere rush hours caused by schools and universities.
Activate the governmental services automation project. Make use of mobile operators companies to help people pay for governmental services through prepaid credits. Allow pay at home service.
Constructing services units for the governmental and public sector institutions employees to easily finish their transactions with the governmental institutions and the public and private sectors.
Introducing special service for transportation for women and university student especially during rush hours.
obligate taxi services to have a tariff counter.
A telephone service and local traffic radio stations in the main Egyptian cities to guide car drivers to less crowded roads.
Re-plan the city’s main squares and provide it with modern traffic lights to guarantee a fluent traffic.
Make use of free land spaces for car parking places.
Construct branches for Governmental sectors and ministries in the four outskirts of Cairo.
Work with the modern traffic systems that have automated traffic lights and special without the need of traffic police officers and globalizing the idea of civilized justified censorship.
Awareness campaigns in media and during Friday prayers on the correct walking manners and how to respect roads and pedestrians.
Cancel the routine violation system that is filled in a random way.
Cancel the idea of car-cuffing because it prevents the road circulation and towing cars on the owners expenses which require increasing the number of tow trucks.
Giving bonuses for traffic police officers who work in places with fluent road circulations.
Reducing the vehicle taxes that will stick to the traffic rules during the vehicle conduct license period.

What do people think?